WellSmart Pro Golf Huggy Golf Back Brace – Premium Lower Back Support & Lumbar Compression for Golfers – Comfortable, Strong, Adjustable – Injury Protection, Pain Relief, Recovery – 3 Sizes

Protect your lower back and improve your golf game by stabilizing your core with a form-fitting GOLF HUGGY that helps relieve pain and reduce injury.

Golfers at every level of competitive play are constantly twisting, rotating, and turning when going off the tee, playing from the rough, or putting on the green. That’s why we developed the WellSmart Pro GOLF HUGGY, a smart way to protect your lower back and lumbar region without impacting your flexibility or mobility.

Improved Core Stabilization

The GOLF HUGGY is designed with hidden stabilization supports that not only improve posture but give you better control over your swing by keeping you physically upright and helping you maintain mental focus with every shot.

Reduce Injuries, Recover Faster

Worn during driving range sessions, a front or back 9, or a full 18 holes, this golf back brace allows full range of motion while also alleviating pain and soreness. And it comes in small, medium, or large sizes for a comfortable fit.

All-Purpose Comfort and Stability

These custom-fit golf back braces with dual adjustable elastic straps provide optimal compression suited to all types of physical activity. Wear them daily to relieve tension, stress, and lower lumbar pain to stay active and healthy.

Product Details:

  • Breathable, Form-Fitting Comfort
  • Four (4) Built-In Stabilization Supports
  • Reinforced Stitching
  • Extra Strong Velcro Closure
  • Discrete Under-Clothing Wear
  • Color: Black
  • Money Back Guarantee

Available Sizes (measurement around navel):

  • Small (27″ to 35″)
  • Medium (35″ to 43″)
  • Large (43″ to 51″)

Protect your back and improve your core stability with a Golf Huggy by clicking ‘Add to Cart’ above now.

ACTIVE SUPPORT – Comfortable and targeted lower back and lumber support, injury protection, and pain relief during active rotational and twisting movements; premium back brace designed specifically for golfers; allows for full range of motion
MAINTAIN FORM – Four built-in stabilization supports along bottom of spine help maintain proper posture and form for better swing control and optimal performance during physically challenging golf outings; also aids in post-game recovery
STRONG & SECURE – Fastens securely with extra strong Velcro attachment connectors; high-quality reinforced stitching
SUPERIOR COMFORT – Breathable double-layer fabric and mesh panels help maintain comfort and reduce moisture; promotes relaxed, natural, and efficient movements during physical activity
CUSTOM FIT – Dual adjustable elastic straps provide customized compression pressure for back and abdomen; 3 sizes (S, M, L) for ideal fit under golf wear; sizes based on measurement around navel (see description)

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