The Aiming TA3 Golf Aiming & Alignment Device

Amateur golfers spend a lot time practicing their golf swings, but they typically don’t pay much attention to their alignment and setup. Especially, when you are on the golf course, it is difficult to tell from your own optics if you are aligned to the hole correctly. We wanted to solve this problem so we launched our first product in 2014: “the aiming”;. This product has been a big hit in South Korea and all over Asia. It has helped many golfer fix one of the most important elements in a golf swing _ YOUR ALIGNMENT HOW TO USE IT AS AN ALIGNMENT DEVICE STEP 1 : Stand behind your ball in the direction of your target and then press the button STEP 2 : Proceed to set up to hit the ball. When you feel some vibration,you know that you are correctly or not aligned. (If you stand left or right to the target, the device will vibrate fast or slow in 0.2~1 second intervals. If you stand perfect to the target, the device will vibrate for 2 seconds) STEP 3 : Go ahead and hit the ball with confidence!* ALIGNMENT -TA3 helps you to make a perfect alignment. You can easily see if your alignment is perfect or not through the vibrations
* GREEN SLOPE – You can easily see the green slope through the LED Lights. Just put the TA3 on the green, you will be able to easily see which direction is lower
* BALL MARKER – TA3 is very small like a coin and is good to use as a ball marker on the green

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