Srixon Women’s Soft Feel Dozen Golf Balls, soft white

The new Srixon soft feel lady golf ball, in its 5th generation, features the same performance benefits as the soft feel 10 with a slightly higher launch. Available in soft white and passion pink.Softer, lower compression core – the new soft feel’s energetic Gradient growth core is 60 compression, which is 12 points lower than the previous model. Softer feel on all full shots without sacrificing the core’s high launch, low spin performance
Softer, thinner cover – the Ionomer cover on the new soft feel is 11 percent thinner and 5 percent softer than the previous model, with the softest feel rating tested in the low-compression category
New aerodynamic speed Dimples design – the new soft feel cover features the 324 speed dimple pattern, which combines greater uniformity of dimple design with better surface coverage

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