Square Strike Wedge (Right Hand, 45°) -Pitching & Chipping Wedge for Men & Women -Legal for Tournament Play -Engineered by Hot List Winning Designer

Perfect for Golfers of All Skill Levels

If you’re tired of racking up strokes from inconsistent pitching and chipping, and you would like to start rattling the pin (or holing out) from off the green instead, then the Square Strike Wedge is perfect for you.

Master the Bump-and-Run, Eliminate Fat Shots
The Square Strike Wedge’s putter-like design allows for a straight-back-straight-through swing that makes your pitch and chip shot so much easier and more accurate. Its smooth-gliding sole and beveled leading edge make it basically impossible to hit fat and eliminate frustrating chunked shots. And, the Square Strike’s shorter length, solid club head, and anti-rotational toe weighting make it easier to control than a regular wedge or iron, and prevent twisting and rotating so the club face stays square to the target through impact.

Consistent & Accurate, Save Strokes Around the Green
Pitching and chipping has never been easier or more accurate than it is with the Square Strike Wedge. Just aim directly at your target no opening your stance or the clubface- take a simple, pendulum swing, and watch the ball roll straight to the cup. It’s so easy to get the hang of, you could cut 5-10 strokes off your first round with it. You’ll enjoy more confidence standing over the ball, cleaner contact from a variety of lies, and shorter putts for birdie and par.

“Best money I’ve ever spent. I’m up and down 80 percent of the time with this club”: Michael W- Facebook Review


– Loft: 45
– Lie Angle: 68
– Length: 35.5
– Shaft: Steel
– Head Weight: 330 grams

1-Year Free Replacement Warranty
Your purchase is backed by a satisfaction guarantee. If the product breaks due to manufacturer defects, we’ll replace it for free within 1 year of purchase.Scroll to the top of the page and try a Square Strike Wedge risk-free today.NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE TO HIT FAT: Extra-wide sole and beveled leading edge prevent digging; No more chunked pitch and chip shots reduces wasted strokes; Heavy, solid feel promotes greater confidence vs thin-faced wedges that dig and rotate; Less rotation with the Square Strike Wedge makes clean contact easier and much more consistent
EASIER SWING MOTION VS TRADITIONAL WEDGE; Putter-like length, 35.5 inches, and putter-like lie angle, 68 degrees, plus anti-rotational weighting make it easy to swing and control; No opening your stance or the clubface; Use a simple straight-back-straight-through, putter-like stroke for greater control and much more accuracy; Chip it close from a variety of lies, Perfect for bump and runs; Cut strokes around the green fast
MORE EFFECTIVE THAN CHIPPING WITH YOUR 7-IRON; Shorter length makes it easier to control, no gripping down; Heavier club head, 330 grams, glides smoothly through the turf and minimizes overactive hands and wrists, a leading cause of fat and thin chip shots; Extra weight moved to the toe keeps club square vs rotating through impact; More loft than a 7-or 8-iron for wider variety of shots, not just low runners
LEGAL FOR TOURNAMENT PLAY; Conforms to the rules of golf; Give yourself and edge without breaking any rules
1-YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY AGAINST DEFECTS; High-quality construction backed by unbeatable warranty

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