Science of the Golf Swing

Michael Jacobs has spent the last nine years working with the world’s foremost golf scientist to develop the first analytics system to measure the actual forces and torques at work in a swing. Jacobs is uncovering the real physics of the swing—what causes the movements you ultimately see out on the course, on film or in a photograph. In this ground-breaking book, Jacobs takes you through both the science and the practical application of that science in unprecedented detail. You’ll see the hidden similarities and differences between swings of players at every ability level, and learn how to evaluate your own swing based on real data—not guesses, estimates or anecdotes. The Science of the Swing will give any player or teacher powerful tools to unlock the full potential in every swing. You don’t have to subscribe to a specific swing method or approach when you know how to optimize what you do with your skills and your body using fundamental physics applied to the golf swing with this cutting-edge research and technology. Michael is one one of Golf Digest’s 50 Best Teachers and Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers in America. In 2012 Jacobs won the Metropolitan PGA Section Teacher of the Year, and in 2017 he was a keynote presenter at the PGA National Teaching and Coaching Summit. Jacobs’ research partner and collaborator Dr. Steven Nesbit is a professor of mechanical engineering at Lafayette College in Easton, Pa., and is the author of golf science’s most authoritative movement research. Series editor Matthew Rudy is Golf Digest’s Senior Instruction Writer and the author/co-author of more than 30 golf, business and peak performance books.

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