Sarissa Golf Score Counter 2 Packs, Mini Golf Stroke Counter One Touch Reset with Clip Simple Attachment to Scorekeeper Glove (red & Black)


Is it hard to remember how many strokes you had on that last hole? Do you keep losing the scorecard?
Do you simply want an easier method of keeping track of your golf score?
Congratulations, you found the Sarissa Golf Stroke Counter. They will help you solve all the aboves.

1. One touch reset
2. Record up to 12 strokes
3. Only 3 cm (1.2 in) diameter
4. Easy to wear golf glove, bag, or cart with a clip on the back

Material: ABS
Color: Black and Red
Weight: 3g / 0.1 oz
Diameter: 1.2in
Package weight: 0.1 oz
Package Include: 1*black counter + 1*red counterPortable Golf Score Counter with Clip – Your bag might not always be near you, they can be easy attached to your glove, belt or jersey polo.
Convenient Wheels Design – Easy to change by fingertip since the score counter accompanied with wheels and numbers.
Just One Finger Operating – After tracking 12 strokes, one-touch-reset allow you simply recount with one finger.
Duable Mini Stroke Counter – These counters made of duable ABS material. Mini size (1.2” diameter) won’t occupy your golf bag. It is a great accessory for golf enthusiasts.
Lifetime Warranty: If you don’t love it ­ for whatever reason, plz contact us and we’ll replace it or give you every cent back.

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