OPOLAR 10000mAh 8-Inch Golf Cart Clip on Fan, Rechargeable Battery Operated 4 Speeds Fast Air Circulating USB Fan, Sturdy Clamp Portable for Outdoor Camping Tent or Treadmill Personal Office Desk

☢️ ☢️Why choose 2019 OPOLAR newly brand — windhole 1 clip fan?

☢️ Installed 10000mAh batteries, safe to use.

☢️ 2A fast charging, fully charge it in 6 hours.

☢️ 4 Settings: Speed 1: 24 hours; Speed 2: 12 hours; Speed 3: 6 hours; Energy saving mode: 12 hours.

☢️ Dual charging port: USB-C & Micro USB (Come with 1pc Micro USB cable)

☢️ This desk fan comes with astounding features combined with the convenience

The Windhole 1 portable mini fan is excelled in its design and features to relief the users up to their expectation. The outer cover of the fan is meant to prevent you from shock and restricts any mishandling (especially for kids). It is structured with decent features to save you from any untimely lagging and unsafe threats. The fan is smartly packed up and combined with latest mechanism and techniques that make it a smarter choice. An adjustable fan head on a pivot is added to ensure the safe rotation of the fan in any direction. Moreover, the internal parts are also well incorporated with the adjustments to aid its impressive performing. Numerous features combined with the affordable price makes it a smart pick.

☢️Pivot assorted fan head for free-angle adjustments

The pivot assorted in the fan head enables free-angle horizontal or vertical adjustments and helps the user to set the wind flow and the front air drifts.

☢️Heat Resistant Fast Air-circulative

The fan comes in a heat-resistant body that can be placed accordingly either to stand or to sit on a desk. The subtle design and robust mechanism make it a quieter fan product if compared to others. You can relax more than a day in one time recharge with adequate air circulation.

☢️Ideally safe to use

The clip on fan is insured with plug-ins and cable to ensure better safety. Also, the shock resistant body eliminates the chances of any battery danger.☢️ Safe recharge and battery durability: This portable outdoor / indoor clip on fan is configured with a long-run durable 10000mAh polymer battery with great Micro-USB and USB-C charging ports for 2A fast recharging.
☢️ Dynamic design + 4 speed setting: The Desk fan is designed purposely to swirl faster and generate superior airflow. The fan is assembled with advance 8 inches blades to circulate wind multiple times faster than ever. The strong 3 speed setting + 1 energy saving setting provide you more comfortable choice.
☢️ Adjustable head and outstanding features: The fan comes in great covering that is proven safe for use along with great fast charging ports. It is a conventional product with impactful wind flow and air circulation.
☢️ Various features and functioning: The Desk fan ensures great compatibility in terms of features and functions to the users. The Fan is sorted with ultimate functioning like fast recharge; speed controls from LOW to HIGH, charge and discharge and protective SAVING modes. It is kept safer by fixing polymer battery to reduce the possible mishaps in handling.
☢️ Comfortable Portability with Robust clamping: The Desk fan is added with Clamps and pivots that enable 360 Degree rotation. The tough clamps allow you to settle the fan with other objects like a rope, a stroller, a treadmill.

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