JerkFit NUBS, Finger Caddies – Thumb and Finger Sleeves to Prevent Golf blisters. (Black, Medium)

Originally created by fitness Athletes, Nubs were designed to replace athletic tape to keep the friction off of nasty barbells. Soon, there were online boards of people speaking about the many alternative uses for Nubs and GOLF was at the top of the list. Now the secret is out! Quickly, Nubs have become the number 1 alternative to tape that targets specific trouble spots on thumbs and fingers.

Nubs are super flexible, easily slides on and stays on the entire day. Blistering can be painful and can effect an already mental game. Nubs prevents that by putting a slightly padded yet thin material to absorb the friction without getting in your way. So whether your playing a full round of golf or knocking buckets of balls at the range, your fingers and thumbs remain blister free, ALL DAY.

Nubs are a no brainer and total game changer! They are EXTREMELY durable and should at least 100 rounds of golf!

*See SIZING chart in pictures above. Each package comes as a PAIR.*FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA*… FINALLY a comfortable solution to preventing blisters from hours of golf and the driving range.
Slips on easily, stays on the entire day.
Minimal feel, maximum protection.
Super flexible, like you’re wearing nothing at all. Total Game Changer!
Breathable and absorbs sweat! They’re AMAZING!

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