iThoughtful Unisex Golf Bag Shaped Beer Mug with Handle: Dishwasher Safe Clear, 15 oz

Like golf like beerlike collectible novelty glasses this is the perfect gift for you! the patented golf beer mug by iThoughtful features an intricate design and durable material that makes it the perfect long-lasting gift for the golf or beer lover in your life! it is dishwasher safe and can hold a full 15 oz of beer or whatever else you use it for. Hosting a golf-themed party fill it with nuts, candy, or other easy snacks! show off your love for the tee-off by filling it with golf balls and displaying it as a unique centerpiece. If you have miniature golf clubs, this is the place to store them! the patented design is realistic to the last detail and instantly recognizable. Perfect for green jackets, duffers, and bag-rats alike, this mug is great for use at clubhouses and home! take it to work to show off your favorite hobby, or keep it at home as a unique collector’s item. Fans of golf or just famous golf celebrities, like tiger woods or happy gilmore, will appreciate this mug for its iconic design.Made of quality glass and is dishwasher safe: patented design by iThoughtful
Perfect gift for Christmas, Father’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, or on the Eve of big golf events like PGA and lpga tours
Makes a great gift for all golf-lovers: family, friends, coworkers, bosses, and even yourself
Great combination of style, function, and intricate details that make this a great replica of a real golf bag that any golf fan would appreciate
Fun addition to golf-themed restaurants, golf course lodges, and for golfing leagues or clubs

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