Hycome UV Protection Cooling Arm Sleeves for Men Women Sunblock Cooler Protective Sports Gloves Running Golf Cycling Basketball Driving Fishing 1 Pairs Long Arm Cover Sleeves (USA, Regular)

Specification for the products,
Two sizes for the sleeves
Gender: Unisex
Regular: Bicep girth: 9″-12″,Length: 15″
Bigger: Bicep girth: 10.2″-13.2″, Length: 16.1″
It’s suitable for most adults

Wearing Hycome cooling sport sleeves feels protected. Fully tested and certified to be UPF 50+. The highest protection rating, block 99.8% of UVA and UVB rays. Wearing our sleeves, no risk of getting burnt, no more inconvenience heavy parasol, no more toxic sticky sunscreen on your arms, no need to reapply throughout the day, just put them yourself or the kids at the beach, or any outdoor sports, no more chasing them around with the sunscreen, you are fully UV protected all day long.

Washing guide,
1.Can use a neutral detergent to wash in 30℃ water temperature.
2.Soak for 10 minutes in detergent, cannot be steamed or boiled.
3.To make it lint-free, please wash it with hand gently, do not scrub hard, avoid twisting force, do not scrub with brush.
4.Please wash separately, avoid to clean together with the deep color clothing. Line dry, dry in shade.
Materials:91% polyster and 9% spandex, there offered 25 patterns of the arm sleeves and included different culture, creative and fashionable elements, The Package contained one pair arm sleeve, “Regular” Size for Bicep girth: 9″-12″, Length: 15″, “Bigger” Size for Bicep girth: 10.2″-13.2″, Length: 16.1″
Make of cooling protofilament with good materials, this is cooler and protect your skin better than other brand. Unisex, good elasticity, does not creep down from your upper arm, fit very well, no pressure or discomfort in any activity.
In summer, definitely feel cool when these sleeves on, but in winter, it can make your arm warmer too, yes, it is so amazing. 99.8% UV Protection, got no sunburn or bug bites. Not easy to cause bacteria, fast sweat kick-away and fast dry, make your skin fresh all day. There is no need to use sunscreen anymore
Designed by considering all muscle line of body to protect muscle. Promotes faster muscle recovery and blood circulation. Make your muscle feel comfortable when doing sport
For all outdoor sport and activities, Such as golfing, cycling, fishing, driving, jogging, climbing, boating, gardening, basketball, tennis and so on. Great skin protection when you working outside or doing any outdoor activities. Suitable for Indoor Activities too, even your workplaces.

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