Greens Towel Plus Terminator Club Brush (Black-Black)

Golfers everywhere are experiencing great shots more often by keeping their equipment in peak playing condition. The Greens Towel Plus Terminator Brush is the finest club cleaning combo in golf and is the perfect gift for avid golfers. ⦁ CONVENIENT MICROFIBER GREENS TOWEL – Perfect size 16″ x 16″ to keep in your back pocket to take to the range/green. Clean your golf ball before putting, wipe an iron after an approach shot, clean your glasses streaks free. Super absorbent, lightweight microfiber with plush nap yarns to get into ball dimples and club grooves. Durable fabric cleans fast removing caked dirt completely. Fast drying anti-microbial microfiber reduces mildew odor. ⦁ EASY-TO-USE CARABINER CLIP – Clips to your golf bag, clips to your belt loop, clips to your push cart. Toss that outdated towel with a curtain ring and move up to a new Microfiber Greens Towel. ⦁ Ergonomically Designed Brush – Works comfortably “with you” for a convenient cleaning experience. ⦁ Oversize Dual Action Bristles – Wire bristles for irons and Nylon bristles for woods, shoes and spikes. The deep cleaning spike removes the deepest caked on mud in club grooves. ⦁ Retractable Cord – Easy to use 24″ long “Side-Winder” cord automatically re-winds. Carabiner clip secures Terminator Brush to golf bag for convenient use.Microfiber Golf Towel and Golf Club Brush Combination

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