GoSports Golf Putting Alignment Mirror Guide – Putt Like the Pros (Choose Between Standard and XL Mirror Training Aids)

The GoSports Putting Alignment Mirror is a valuable training tool that is guaranteed to improve your putting. Stop wasting time with mindless putting practice and instead Practice Smarter using the GoSports Putting Alignment Mirror to improve your alignment and setup with minimal effort. The device will help give you confidence in your alignment and tempo that translates to more made putts on the course. In no time, you will see improvement in your putting alignment and speed. It is available in a standard size for regular putters, and an XL size for mallet putters. It also works for both right and left handed players. This is a must have for golfers of all abilities and comes in retail packaging, making is a great gift.PRACTICE PUTTING SMARTER – Ensures proper ball alignment, club alignment, and setup position while promoting proper swing tempo
REFLECTIVE SURFACE – Ensures proper setup with your eyes over the ball and your shoulders aligned at the target
ALIGNMENT GUIDES – Ensures proper alignment at the target to practice hitting the ball square at impact
HOLES FOR TEES – Insert Tees at front for ‘gate drill’ or towards the back for backswing control
LIFETIME WARRANTY: GoSports is a US company with US customer support – 100% satisfaction guaranteed

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