GolfBuddy VoiceX Golf GPS Rangefinder w/ LCD Display & iOS Android APP Support

The GolfBuddy VoiceX is the latest in golf gadgets to get your hands on. Its easily readable display with clock function, incorporates GPS, rangefinder, odometer and golf modes with multi-language audio option. Featuring an automatic course and hole recognition, preloaded with over 38,000 courses worldwide and free updates, this GolfBuddy device offers Wireless synchronization of courses via Bluetooth with smartphone app.


The VoiceX offers mutable audio rangefinder. It measures distances to the front/center/back of the green, as well as shot distance between two points, and the distances to hazards and targets. Additionally, the VoiceX  features a dynamic green view and provides distance readings from the golfer’s position. No matter where you are, the GPS mode is available for both indoor and outdoor use.


If you’re one of those golf-lovers who can play all day, the VoiceX is just right for you with its rechargeable battery, allowing up to 11 hours in Golf mode. That’s a lot of golf!


The VoiceX features an ergonomic design with a larger display and a clip for easily wearability. Attach the device to your belt or cap to have it within hearing range and hand’s reach. Additionally, GolfBuddy VoiceX offers the users a choice of male or female voice setting.

VERSATILE: Smart talking golf and GPS audio rangefinder with clock mode
GOLF: Preloaded with over 38,000 courses worldwide
RANGEFINDER: Dynamic green view and distance readings from the golfer’s position
BLUETOOTH: Wirelessly course synchronization via Bluetooth
BATTERY: Up to 11-hours of runtime on a single charge

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