GolfBuddy Voice 2 Talking GPS Range Finder

The second generation to the best selling Golf Buddy Voice, the Voice 2 comes with an increased battery life and is now water resistant. Hit closer shots using the dynamic green view with front, center, and back of green measurements, that are given from your point of view from where you lie. With a simple push of a button you are able to hear the remaining yardage to the hole. The Voice 2 uses GPS for automatic course and hole recognition. Clip it to your pants, polo, or hat for quick access. Improve your golf score and get closer to the hole with the Golf Buddy Voice 2 GPS rangefinder.Simple audio distance measuring device that can be used with or without sound
Distances to front, center, and back of the green to get you closer to the hole
Automatic course and hole recognition so you can just turn on and go
Shot distance measurement
Clip on back to provide wearing versatility

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