Golf Whiskey Glass – 10 oz Unique Golf Ball Shaped Rocks Glass (other designs available) for Bourbon, Scotch, Brandy – Old Fashioned/Rocks Glasses from Prestige Decanters (Set of Two – Golf Ball)

Some play basketball or baseball or soccer. Games won through teamwork, speed, and power.

Golf isn’t like that. It’s slower. More relaxed. A game of skill.

Golf is for those who enjoy a gentle breeze and a moment of silence.

There’s a breathlessness just before you strike the ball, and in that moment the world stands still.

It’s like nothing else matters. You’re not in the office. Not in traffic…

Just you and the ball, lost in a moment time forgot.

And maybe you have a friend with you, but you’re not on the same team.

Doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourselves.

Nothing wrong with a little friendly competition… As long as they don’t talk through your swing.

And maybe when the sun sets and you’ve played through 18 holes, you can relax and unwind some more.

Grab your golf ball whiskey glass — comes in a set of two.

Chat about the day, old friends, times remembered, scores still unsettled, or any other thing.

Take it slow because you can.

Golf is a lifestyle best enjoyed by those who have places to be, but make time for themselves.

• Guaranteed to arrive at your door unsmashed
• Formed of thick, durable glass for daily use
• Perfect for golf-lovers, players & connoisseurs
• Comes in a set of 2 golf ball shaped glasses

The world can be simple and quiet. Fun and friendly if you let it. Serve chilled. Enjoy with a friend.10 oz Whiskey Glass with Dimple Golf Ball Design – Gives dramatic presentation to your favorite spirits
UNIQUE DESIGN – Heavy bottom and round design inspired by a golf ball gives dramatic presentation to your favorite spirits – whisky, scotch, bourbon, cognac, rum all your spirits will look fantastic in our Golf Whiskey Glass
MAKES A GREAT GIFT – Whether you’re shopping for a wedding, christmas, retirement or fathers day gift or you’re looking for groomsmen gifts or a birthday gift for your dad our glasses are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression
Lead-Free Glass Hand Blown by Skilled Artisans – Strong and Durable for Daily Use
GUARANTEED SATISFACTION! – We are so confident in our products our guarantee is IRON-CLAD. If you are not fully satisfied for any reason, just return your decanter within 60 days for a full refund of your purchase price

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