Golf Swing Traing Dust – How Does it Work

Golf Swing Training Dust Golf Dust works by spraying a spedcial powder on the hitting surface of your golf club. Then when you take a swing, you can tell exactly where the golf ball impacted the face of the golf club. It’s a great golf impact indicator because you get immediate feedback and it’s very simple and easy to use. You can use golf dust on your woods or your irons, even on your putter.

How does Golf Dust training work to improve your golf training accuracy? Simple – Golf Dust will help your accuracy golf training because you can tell if you are actually hitting the golf ball exactly on the sweet spot. This is significant because hitting the sweet spot will give you maximum distance and accuracy.

We hear golf pros talking about the sweet spot all the time. What exactly is the sweet spot? The sweet spot is the area of the clubface that will deliver the maximum force through impact. It has to do with a law of physics that says force equals mass times acceleration. Use the force Luke.

When the golf club strikes the golf ball, there is some resistance that actually decelerates the clubface. It’s actually a slight shock that you barely feel, unless of course you hit a fat shot and take a deep divot. Most of that shock is absorbed in the shaft.

Now back to creating accuracy and maximum force. The golf club is designed in such a way that a certain area of the clubface will absorb the maximum amount of shock. Hitting the sweet spot means you lose the least amount of force because the club experiences the least deceleration possible. Again, force equals mass time acceleration. The more force you impart to the ball, the farther it will go.

Now let’s say you hit the ball off the toe of the club – you’ll hit a weak shot that goes to the right. You’ve lost power because when the club impacted the ball, the club actually twisted slightly in your hands and decelerated. You lost accuracy because the shock of impact caused that slight twist in your hands and caused the ball to go to the right.

It’s simple to demonstrate how the sweet spot works – Get out a putter and try this:

Grab your putter and hold it up in the air between two fingers. Now tap it on the center of the putter blade – you’ll see an indicator where the sweet spot is located.

When you tap the putter on the sweet spot, you’ll see how it absorbs the impact and bounces straight back. From every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Now try tapping the putter on either end of the putter face. See the difference? See how it wiggles? Did you notice how it didn’t go back as far?

So how can Golf Dust translate to golf training accuracy and shooting lower golf scores? If you learn to consistently hit all your putts on the sweet spot, you’ll putt the ball in the hole more often. The ball will roll straighter and it’s easier to control the distance because you’re impact force will always be the same.

Golf dust can help your putting because you can quickly tell if you’re hitting the sweet spot or not. It you’re hitting it off the toe, you’ll either be missing a lot of putts right and short or you’ll be overcompensating in your swing.

With Irons and Woods, the results of Golf Dust are even more dramatic. For example, if you spray golf dust on your driver, you can quickly tell if you’re hitting the ball too high or too low on the clubface. This can let you know if you should raise or lower your tee for optimal impact.

Simply hitting the sweet spot with your driver can increase your distance by 10 – 25 yards. The more important thing is that it will help you hit more fairways and get closer to the pin with your iron shots.

Now as a Golf Training Aid Golf Dust won’t necessarily help you have a better swing, it will just give you immediate feedback to what is the cause of your improper ball flight.

Can Golfdust cure your slice? Golf Dust won’t necessarily fix your slice in golf but it might show you that the reason you’re hitting the ball weak and to the right is because you tend to hit the golf ball toward the toe of the club. You’re problem might not actually be slicing the golf ball but your position and set up. You may need to stand closer to the ball.

Golf Dust is simply a golf impact indicator that will help you diagnose your golf swing problems. It’s a great golf teaching aid for golf professionals who want to give their students a visual example of their swing faults.

You should also know that you can’t use golf dust on your club in competition. The rules of golf prohibit you from doing anything to alter your club during a round.

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