Golf Gadgets – Swing Recording System | Golf Cart or Pull Cart Mount for Smartphone. Compatible with iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, ANY Phone. (Bar Mount)

Golf Swing recording system for use with any phone model up to 4 inches wide. Phone holder is both spring loaded and also contains optional rubber band security bands to ensure your device will not fall while your driving or walking. Clamp this to a golf bag, golf cart, bench, or tree to capture footage while you practice, or while you play. This mount has a soft silicone high-strength grip, clamp opens to 1-1/2″ and closes down to 1/8″. Soft silicone bands stretch easily over the corners of your phone or case without breaking. Will accommodate cellphones from 1-1/2″ wide to almost 4″ wide! Will swivel from portrait to landscape mode with just a twist. This setup contains a screw tight clamp that has a very strong grip to ensure it won’t slip or move. Now you can make epic videos from your golf outing to share with family and friends. Get a solid grip on your Smartphone and keep it safe with this Cart Clamp. Why risk dropping your phone while recording your swing, or playing golf? This Golf Gadget Mount works with any Phone, regardless of model, case design. Golf Gadgets make it easy to share immersive live streaming video with your followers, or just take pictures via camera timer app. Now you can easily record your swing for analysis, without the risk of dropping your phone. Don’t miss another opportunity to enhance your game, make a cool video, or capture pictures for social media.RECORD YOUR SWING – This Golf Cart Clamp includes the a spring loaded phone clamp that works with all Smartphones up to 4 inches wide. Easy-to-use, works with any device model, can be used with a case, or waterproof case.
SHARE YOUR WORLD – Don’t risk dropping your phone while recording your golf swing on the range or course. Use to capture 2nd person POV from your golf cart, push cart, golf club, or attach to pole, railing, etc..
GOLF CART FOOTAGE – Attach this clamp to your golf cart to get a secure hold on your phone so it will stay in place. Clamp opens to 1-1/2″ and closes down to 1/8″. Capture video, snap photos via camera timer, or use for time lapse.
OPTIONAL RUBBER BANDS – This mount has optional rubber security bands to use while driving or walking. The spring loaded mount will hold your phone well without the bands, so you don’t always have to use them.
WHAT’S INCLUDED – Screw Tight Bar Clamp, phone holder clamp with silicone security bands. Increases Stability: Helps you capture steadier footage compared to holding the camera by hand.

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