Golf-EZ Golf Essentials 21 Piece Kit | Microfiber Towel | Retractable Cleaning Brush | Divot Repair Tool | Golf Ball Alignment Marking Tool | Marker Set | Carry Case

Kit Includes 21 Pieces: Microfiber Towel Retractable | Cleaning Brush | Foldable Divot Repair Tool | 2 Pack of Golf Ball Line Marking Alignment Tool (Green/Black) | 4 Piece Marker Set | 10 Golf Tees | Golf Pencil | Durable Carry Case with ClipGOLF ESSENTIALS: All the accessories needed on course in one kit! Perfect golf gift for a friend or relative
MICROFIBER TOWEL: Highly absorbent and quick drying. Great for keeping golf clubs clean and sweat off your face
RETRACTABLE CLEANING BRUSH:Two-sided brush with strong bristles & groove cleaner to remove dirt and grass from your clubs/spikes
DIVOT REPAIR TOOL: Foldable with assisted opening and made from strong metal. Includes magnetic golf ball marker
GOLF BALL MARKERS: Easily draw prefect straight lines & arrows to help improve swing and putting alignment. Choose a color to help identify your ball. CARRY CASE: Fits most of the items included in the kit, can be attached to golf bag, & made from durable material

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