Golf Club Groove Sharpener, Re-Grooving Tool and Cleaner for Wedges & Irons – Generate Optimal Backspin – Suitable for U & V-Grooves

Works by sharpening the rolled over metal edges that have collapsed in the grooves of your club whilst at the same time removing the particles of dirt,sand and grit within the grooves that have built up over time.

Made of high grade precision steel.

Easily redefine groove edges qucickly by removing deformed bent over metal.

Can sharpen all U, V grooves.

Suitable for all golf irons and wedges.

Restores grooves to original design.

Material: The blade Section stainless steel,the outside part aluminium alloy.Portable golf club groove sharpener, easy to clean and restore your wedges, irons.
Suitable for U-grooves and V-grooves. This golf groove cutter can grind and clean grooves very quickly.
Highest quality metal construction, made from high grade precision tool vacuum heat treated steel, for maximum durability and cutting effectiveness. even with an old club, generate optimal backspin – save money by restoring your old irons.
Compact and solidly built.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee – We’re pleased to be able to offer a 30-day 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

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