Glow in the Dark Tape – 30 ft x 1 inch – Glow-in-the-Dark Luminous photoluminescent / luminescent emergency roll safety egress markers stairs, walls, steps, exit sign. Glowing pro theatre stage floor

The # 1 best-selling phosphorescent vinyl glow-in-the-dark tape roll. It is better than any competitor for two simple reasons: First, it is longer (30ft x 1 inch). Second, you will see it glowing for 10-12+ hours rather than 4-10 luminous glow hours, which is the cheaper material used by other companies. This photoluminescent, light green gaffer tape was cut from a large sheet of super pack high-quality adhesive pvc film. You can expect it to glow brightest for the initial 20 minutes following a charge (from the sun or any artificial light source) and then fade over time. This glow in the dark tape can be used for the following decor ideas: party favor decorations, supplies and accessories items (like cups, plates, utensils/ tableware, props, backdrop and even wall decals such as a happy birthday banner), nighttime luminescent emergency safety markers for room floor or hallway, games table lighting pack, emergency exit sign and egress lights for stairs, steps, walls, toilet and other things (better than a glow stick kit), glowing keyboard, mouse and mousepad gaming stuff, rave wear and other novelty party clothes items (like headbands for boys or girls), pro fessional theatre stage grip marking stickers, night jump rope for teens or kids arts and crafts, key set and key cover finding, wall outlets plug, beer pong, tic tac toe, hula hoop, nunchucks, yoyo, cars or motorcycle wheels, soccer balls, drumsticks, ceiling stickers… again… that toy jumprope or yo-yo. Finally… use it for outside night time sports like kickball, disc golf, frisbee products, football, bikes, bouncy beach balls, nalgene, basketball nets, volleyball and lacrosse line, jogging and running vests or other alternative light up night time outdoor glow in the dark yard game like beerpong…l those activities that need that extra luminance when the sun sets. Compare this tape to the acrylic reflector 3m, aceglow or docooler duct rolls theme decals and favora que brilla en la oscuridad# 1 glow-in-the-dark adhesive vinyl tape roll. Full 30ft x 1in. Longest glow time – colored neon green
Glow Party Kit: Table decorations, supplies pack – wall decals, cups, tableware, utensils accessories, banner ideas. Party lights decorations stickers pack
Night Markers: hallway decal, floor, volleyball, yoyo, frisbee golf, keyboard, beerpong, keychain, jump rope games, 3m stick kit
Rave Activities Attire & Essential Items: Clothes outfit (men women) – tops, pants, leg wraps, birthday stuff for kids
RISK FREE: 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE, & FREE RETURNS. Compare to docooler aceglow vinyl wall stickers and decals.

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