Clothlete Greenside Microfiber Golf Towel 16″ x 24″ – 3 Pack

This 3 pack for microfiber waffle weave golf towels are the perfect design for any golfer. Each towel is sized to be taken with you to the green, where you can lay it down on the second cut, and lay your putter or wedge grip to keep it dry. Each towel has a snap allowing you to connect it to anything from your bag handle, push cart grip, or cart basket. Multiple towels can be snapped together to make a multi-colored towel; the with side for your hands and body, and the black or grey towel for your clubs.YOUR GREENSIDE ASSISTANT – Take it with you to the green and lay your putter grip down while chipping, and your wedge grip down while putting.
EASY SNAP ATTACHMENT – Snaps easily attach around anything – your bag, your cart, or your push cart
SUPER CLEANING ABILITY – Super absorbent 400 grams per square meter, microfiber waffle weave material cleans fast and easy
3 TOWELS FOR THE $ OF 1 – Three Pack – A white towel for your hands and body, and a black or grey towel for your clubs
MAKE A PLAYERS TOWEL – Snap two towels together to make a larger caddy towel – the white side for your hands and dark side for clubs

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