Brampton Lead Tape for Golf Clubs – Applied to the Clubhead to adjust swing weight, feel and ball flight, ½ x 100

Fine-tune your golf swing without regripping, buying new golf clubs, counterweight attachments, or learning entirely new methods.

Lead golf tape is extensively used by both PGA pros and amateur golfers alike to adjust both weight and balance on golf clubs, grips, and shafts without needing to install complicated swing weights.

This affordable roll of lead golfing tape contains 100 inches of foil-backed taped enclosed in a plastic clamshell to protect it from moisture and dust.

This lead tape roll can be a great small gift or stocking stuffer for your golfing family members and friends. Apply it in layers to apply the appropriate amount of weight to the right place on your golf clubs. Buy multiple rolls to have ready to hand out to friends.

Many golfers also adjust tape placement to impact the typical trajectory of the golf ball. Experiment with this reliable golf tape to determine what works for you best.

Quickly Adjust Your Golf Swing to New Clubs

When you buy new golf clubs, it can take some time to adjust your swing to the new weights and balance. Swapping golf club material types – like going from steel to graphite clubs – can also introduce some problems into your golf swing.

Lead tape can be used to troubleshoot problem spots in your swing to cut down on your learning curve when switching to new clubs. Use it to add mass to the clubhead or to add a counterbalance to your shaft. Each layer of tape adds approximately one gram of weight per 2 ¼” inches of tape.

About Brampton Technologies

Brampton Technologies was founded in 1997 by a father and son who were professional club builders and instructors on all major golf tours, and a chemical engineer with multiple patents for adhesives and specialty polymers. Brampton’s mission is to help both golf manufacturers and golf enthusiasts to enjoy greater safety and a cleaner working environment by creating effective, safe, and non-toxic products for the golf community.

IMPROVE YOUR GOLF SWING: Both amateurs and PGA pros use lead golf tape to alter golf club weight and balance to fine-tune their golf clubs.
1/2 INCH WIDE, .005 MIL THICKNESS: Apply this thin lead foil tape in layers to get the right weight and balance for all your golf clubs.
NO NEED TO BUY NEW GOLF CLUBS: If you love how your golf clubs look but don’t like the weight and feel, you can avoid having to buy new ones.
PLACE TAPE ON CLUBHEAD: You can put the tape on the clubhead to alter the balance of the club. Apply to toe to fade or apply to heel to draw
EASILY APPLIED AND REMOVED: The acrylic adhesive on the back of this lead tape adheres to all surfaces on your golf club quickly.

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