4 Yards More Golf Tee – 3 1/4″ Driver (4 Blue Tees)

The Green Keepers 4 Yards More golf tee is the first and only tee proven in both robotic and field testing to improve distance. The dynamic 6-prong crown flexes with the force of your drive to reduce resistance at impact and to allow for better contact. The ball launches off the tee with less friction and lower ball spin, resulting in longer, straighter drives. The durable, multi-material construction lasts for over 100 drives. The height gauge allows for consistent tee depth. Conforms to USGA and R&A specifications.First and only tee proven to improve distance in both “Robotic” and “Field” tests
Flexible 6-prong tip reduces resistance and allows better contact
Reduces ball spin which increases control
Less resistance off the tee means more distance down the fairway
Durable and built to last over 100 drives

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