24 LED UV Flashlight for Glow Golf Ball Charging

This is our UV Flashlight – the same one that is included in our 2 Ball Pack or separately. This 24 LED flashlight makes charging your GlowV1 golf balls easier than ever. Just place the ball inside the top cone, turn on the flashlight and rotate the ball. In under 1 minute the ball is glowing brightly and will remain bright for up to 10 minutes. Play the best glow in the dark night golf ball in the industry. This means our ball not only glows, it hits as long and true as your favorite tour quality ball like the Callaway HX or ProV1. We accomplish this because unlike LED golf balls, our ball has a real core, mantle and skin. So it hits soft, long and true. HOW THE GlowV1 WORKS: The GlowV1 uses photoluminescent glow in the skin to light up the ball. Just place it in the 24 LED UV flashlight for a minute and it will glow brightly for 8-10 minutes. Then have a slow after glow for hours. WHAT MAKES THE GlowV1 so revolutionary is that it’s the first night golf ball with a true 90 compression COR rating. This means true bounce off your club face and no need to club up to compensate for the deadness of an LED night golf ball’s battery core. Note: Requires this UV Light Source – although sunlight and white light will charge the glow pigment to a degree, UV (Blacklight) is necessary to sufficiently charge the glow pigment for night play.Flashlight charger for GlowGear Night Golf Balls
Glow ball fits perfectly in top cone to charge in less than 1 minute
24 LED with powerful ultraviolet light
Built with anodized aluminum to withstand all elements

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